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Austin’s Pharmacy

Blyth Village Center:
1345 West Hobson Way
Blythe, CA 92225
Phone: 760-921-2017

Austin's Pharmacy - A Service Oriented Pharmacy

Why Austin's Pharmacy?

Chain pharmacies are impersonal. They only know you as another entry in their computer. Austin's Pharmacy is your neighborhood pharmacy! We offer all of the products and services that you need with the personal touch you deserve.

Our Services


Austin's Pharmacy meets all of your prescription needs! We stock the same medications that you would find at a bigger, chain pharmacy. If for any reason your medication is out of stock, we will order it and have it to you within a few days. Generic prescriptions are also available for those looking to save a little money!

When you fill a prescription with us, we will ask information about medications, allergies, and any health issues you may have. An accurate medical history will help us better serve you! We comply with HIPAA and all other federal and state privacy laws, so you never have to be concerned about your private health information.

To order a new prescription, please contact us. To refill a prescription, click here.

High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Counseling

Your health is important to us. High blood pressure and diabetes counseling is available at Austin's Pharmacy. We will talk with you about your medications and about how diet and exercise can help keep your blood pressure down and your diabetes under control

Medication Counseling

Every pharmacist at Austin's Pharmacy is knowledgeable about your medications. When you have a prescription filled, we will sit down with you to discuss side affects and potentially dangerous drug interactions. If there are limitations on what you can do on your medication, we will make sure that you understand those as well.


Because we know you, we can offer compounding services! What is compounding? Compounding allows us alter a medication to suit the customer. If you cannot swallow pills, we can make your prescription in liquid form. We can also remove non-essential ingredients if you are allergic to them.

For children, we even offer flavors! A variety of flavors can be added to your child's medicine to make it more pleasant for them to take and for you to give!

Health and Beauty Items

Austin's Pharmacy stocks all of the health and beauty items that you need, at the low prices you expect. We have a full supply of cold and flu medication, pain medication, vitamins, and other over the counter medications. Personal care items, home medical care products, and beauty supplies are also available at our low prices.


Austin's Pharmacy understands that people are busy these days! Delivery to home or office is available for any product we have in stock. Now, you have one less thing to worry about.

We accept most insurance and health care plans including Medi-Cal, Medi-Care, AARP and Workman's Compensation. No matter what kind of insurance you have, we work with you to insure maximum insurance coverage. It's like having a doctor in your family!

If you have questions about Austin's Pharmacy, please see our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us!

Privacy Policy: Austin's Pharmacy is dedicated to keeping your health information private. We comply with HIPAA and all other federal and state privacy laws.

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